Latest research articles about leopards

Latest research articles about leopards:

  1. Molecular Study on the Prevalence of Canine Distemper Virus Infection in Road-Killed Jackals (Canis aureus) in Golestan Province (Gorgan)
    • Summary: This study includes data relevant to endangered species such as the Persian leopard.
    • Authors: S Namroodi, D Milanloo
    • Published by: journals.ut.ac.ir
  2. Spatiotemporal overlap among snow leopard, bharal, and free-ranging livestock: suggestions on mitigating human-snow leopard conflict
    • Summary: This article explores the overlap in habitats and human-snow leopard conflicts.
    • Authors: D Wang, Q Li, L Hou, X Su, X Lian
    • Published by: Global Ecology and Conservation, Elsevier
  3. Terrain or climate factor dominates vegetation resilience? Evidence from three national parks across different climatic zones in China
    • Summary: The study discusses the presence of the Northeast tiger and leopard as flagship species in these national parks.
    • Authors: S Liu, L Wu, S Zhen, Q Lin, X Hu, J Li
    • Published by: Forest Ecosystems, Elsevier
  4. Tracing the Human-Leopard (Panthera Pardus Melas) Conflicts in the Island of Java, Indonesia
    • Summary: This research investigates human-leopard conflicts and the risk of extinction of the Javan leopard due to habitat loss.
    • Authors: H Gunawan, G Semiadi, T Atmoko, W Kuswanda
    • Published by: SSRN
  5. Metabarcoding analysis provides insight into the link between prey and plant intake in a large alpine cat carnivore, the snow leopard
    • Summary: This study uses DNA metabarcoding to analyze snow leopard diets.
    • Authors: H Yoshimura, T Hayakawa
    • Published by: Royal Society Publishing
  6. Identifying risk zones and landscape features that affect common leopard depredation
    • Summary: The article identifies leopard attack locations on livestock and maps risk zones.
    • Authors: T Silwal, B Neupane, N Raut, B Dhami, B Adhikari
    • Published by: PeerJ
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