How much does cheetah weigh?

How much does cheetah weigh?

The adult cheetah weighs 35–72 kg (77–160 lb). The total length of their head and body ranges from 110 to 150 cm (43 to 59 in), while their tail can measure from 60 to 84 cm (24 to 33 in). Shoulder size is 66 to 94 cm (26 to 37 inches). Males are slightly larger than females and have a bit larger heads, but there are not many Cheetahs that vary in size and it is difficult to differentiate males from females only by the way they look. The cheetah has a shorter body but a longer tail and is taller (about 90 cm on average) and therefore appears more slender than a leopard of similar size.

Cheetahs in the wild reach adult body mass 49-96 months of age.

At birth, cheetah cubs weigh about 200-350 grams each, but in captivity, they can reach 460 grams. The cheetah cubs’ coat camouflages them from potential threats. Before the puppies are two months old, their underparts lighten and their distinctive spots become prominent.

The white mane slowly fades and can be seen in animals for up to a year.

Body Measurement Male Female
Mean weight 45,6 kg 37,2 kg
Mean head-body length 125,5 cm 120,1 cm
Mean tail length 76,7 cm 72,5 cm
Mean total length 202,2 cm 192,4 cm
Mean chest girth 71,7 cm 67,3 cm
Mean shoulder height 77,0 cm 73,6 cm

Cheetahs have a slender build, relatively long legs, and are relatively light compared to the more powerful bodies of most other feline species. Its structure resembles that of the dog family more than that of the cat family. The average mass of an adult male cheetah is 64 kg and a female is 45 kg. Its aerodynamic structure allows it to reach speeds of up to 105 km/h during a chase, the highest speed of any land mammal.

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